Mighty Kitten Records is a small, independent record label in Hoquiam, WA. Well, actually it’s just Ralph Hogaboom. In order to sound like a much bigger, more together company, I’ll be referring to myself as “we” from now on, as “we” are a hipster group of elite music magnates. Ahem, here goes.

We focus on putting out releases from friends, family, and people we admire. We also focus on doing things by hand, on a small scale. You know how commercials for creepy businesses will sometimes say “With us, it’s personal.” ? Well, we really mean it. Honest.

If you’re a music fan and you’re here, please download our music. We have donation buttons next to each release, but so far we’re able to keep everything free.

If you’re a musician, and you’d like to work with us, get in touch with Ralph. Send MP3s if you can swing it.

Mighty Kitten Records
PO Box 205
Hoquiam, WA 98550

(360) 545-3574